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Movies Counter: How to Download any movies or series from this website in HD quality?


During this quarantine, the only satisfaction we all are doing is watching any movie, but downloading is a big hardship when you are not in any OPP, That’s why these websites are initiated to stream movies and series for free to the customers. Therefore these websites release the movies before the original release, affecting an impact on the box office and also influencing the production of the movies.

What is a Moviescounter website? Is it fair to watch or download a movie or series?

Moviescounter website is a torrent site and also one of the illegal websites which leak movies or series for free to viewers on their site without any subscription or spending money to watch it.


This website also streams series for free which plays on Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hulu and other entertainment apps-where the viewers have to pay to watch it. Movie counter gives you a wide option on the genre, languages, format and size of downloading any movie or series you would like to download from the site.

How many movies did leaked on Moviescounter website:

Many movies from Hollywood and Bollywood have been distributing in Moviescounter which applies internationally to India, USA, Pakistan and many other countries.

Even though the government tries to ban or abolish such websites like Tamilrockers, 123movies and FMovies but still Moviescounter frequently changes its domain-like: .com, .in and .club and plays it safe from getting ban. The person or a group of people who are operating movies counters cannot be tracked by any officials as they work unknown to the public. 

How to download or watch a movie or series from Moviescounter?

  • Search the movies counter website on google
  • Click on the first site showing in your PC or mobile screen
  • Go to the homepage 
  • Click on the search bar on the top of the homepage
  • Search for the movie or series you would watch according to your preference 

For downloading any movies or series:

  • Just like the above first four steps you have to follow 
  • Search the movies or series to download
  • You can search the movies or series by typing the cast, genre or languages
  • Choose the format of downloading such on 144p, 720p or 1080p


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