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Mosquitoes test positive with West Nile Virus in 5 CT towns

The environmental office holders have identified five Connecticut towns with the West Nile Virus. The Connecticut agricultural experiment station detected the mosquitoes in Bridgeport, Easton, New Canaan, Stratford, and Waterbury with West Nile Virus. The commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Public Health, Dr. Raul Pino said that the mosquito-borne diseases are the threat that should be taken seriously especially from now until the end of September. He asked the public to stay away from the mosquito bites and this could be done by the people by eliminating the standing water containers nearby their residents and by using repellent whenever they go out – especially during the dusk and dawn periods.

The officials collected the mosquito samples from June 18 to July 10 and no such disease was reported among humans that were associated with West Nile Virus at this time. More than 134 human cases with the West Nile Virus have been diagnosed since 2000 in the residents of Connecticut including three cases of fatal conditions. In order to reduce the risks of getting bitten from the infected mosquitoes, the officials asked the residents to minimize the time they spend outside during dusk and dawn when the mosquitoes are the most vulnerable.

They also reminded the residents to shut down the windows and doors before it is dusk. It is advised to wear shoes, socks, long-sleeved clothing when staying outdoors for long periods of time or when the mosquitoes are said to be the most vulnerable. The officials advised the residents for using mosquito nets while sleeping outdoors to protect young children and infants from the mosquito bites during their sleep. People could make use of mosquito repellents whenever necessary while staying outdoors.

The mosquitoes might not make people feel that they are dangerous or carry life-threatening diseases because of their small size, but these bites can transmit the most dreadful illnesses to the infants and adults among all the other illnesses and get people into troubles where their life could be at risk.

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