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Money Heist’s fame Nairobi, aka Alba Flores, played a part in Spanish film and spoke Telugu in the same

The most famous Money Heist actress Alba Flores, who played the role of Nairobi on this Spanish web series, also made headlines for having a different Indian connection.
Spanish actress Alba Flores made her remarkable image among audiences and gained huge admiration for her mind-blowing performance as Nairobi in the most popular Netflix show, Money Heist.

There are rumors that an old video clip of Spanish actor Alba Flores has been going viral on social media in which we can see that she is speaking in Telugu. After seeing the video, fans also have been going very enthusiastic and excited about how the actress is speaking an Indian regional language so fluently on the show.

The rumors suggest that the Spanish actress Alba Flores had played the role of south Indian in a Spanish movie before she acted in the popular Spanish web series La Casa De Papel.

This video has been going viral over the internet, where we can see that the Spanish actress Alba Flores is looking adorable in a sari, and her braided hairstyle is giving her a look of a Telugu woman. Apart from that, she sported a bindi on her forehead to make her Telugu woman character more authentic to the roots.

The viral video clip of Spanish actress Flores is from Vincente Ferrer film, which was released in 2013, in which the actress played the role of a teacher as Shamira, who is putting her best efforts to educate women of Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. Reportedly, the shooting of this film was also done in Andhra Pradesh.

This movie is about a man who wants to eradicate poverty in India. He takes the initiative of transforming India’s dry and barren land into a fertile one, and for that, he asks the citizens to help him in this endeavor.

The Spanish actress Flores spoke Telugu fluently in a scene of the Spanish TV show, Vicente Ferrer, which was directed by Agustin. A fan page also posted some fantastic snaps of Alba Flores from the movie, where we can see the Telugu woman character of Money Heist’s fame.

After watching the video clip, fans have been praising the Spanish actor for her versatility. And, some fans also applauded her for speaking Telugu with such fluency. As for Flores on Money Heist, she bid goodbye to the team as she died in the fourth season. She got emotional on her farewell too.

Flores stated in her speech that “For some people in the team, with some people of the team, it’s been many years. I want to thank you all for everything you’ve taught me. I’ve grown here as an actress, more than I ever imagined I would and as a person.”
She also stated for her Money Heist co-star that” You’re a f**king amazing team. F**king amazing. I hope to film with you 16,000 times more. I will miss you.”

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