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Money Heist Season 5: Will Professor help Alicia Sierra have her baby?

Money Heist Season 4 made fans go crazy and received positive reviews from critics across the globe as the season 4 of La Casa De Papel ended up with standoff between The Professor (played by Álvaro Morte) and Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri). In the entire season, inspector Alicia Sierra is seen chasing down the Professor, but the professor manages to escape somehow all the time. However, season 4 ends with a scene where Alicia successfully finds the location of Professor’s hiding and points a gun at him.

Will Alicia shoot Professor in Money Heist part 5? Well, this seems very unlikely as Professor is the most loved character in the Spanish heist thriller Money Heist and taking him out of the show would certainly rage fans. Also, he has a very sharp mind and is known to take tough and quick decisions in crunch situations. It is believed that the Professor will find some way to persuade or distract Alicia and take the gun out of the equation so that he could combat Alicia and continue the heist taking place in the Bank of Spain.

However, another theory suggests that pregnant Alicia might soon get into labor pain and Professor might help her out deliver the baby. Also, she might join the professor’s gang in Money Heist season 5. The theory is supported by the fact that Alicia has been betrayed by the government and police department who used her as a scapegoat. She got fired after she gave permission to shoot Nairobi through a window.

“She joins the team. I can see that happening but if it does and the writers make the other characters fine with it, when in reality they wouldn’t be, I will not be a happy bunny,” said a fan on Reddit. “She pops her baby out right there and then and The Professor helps her birth it. Afterward, she’ll be unable to do much and will no longer be as much of a threat. Probably until later in the season when she’ll start causing trouble again and s*** goes down because of that.”

Alicia Sierra is a widow, pregnant lady who lost her job, she is being chased by police. By joining Professor’s gang in Money Heist season 5, she can help in completing the heist taking place in Bank of Spain and then take the money and disappear from the world map with her child. This way, she can start a new life with her baby without even worrying about anything in the future.

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