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Money Heist Season 5: A Quick Update

The fourth season of Money Heist released in April 2020.

Thanks to Netflix, Spanish dramas have made their way to the big crowd. You can take Money Heist as an example. It has become an international phenomenon. Many have adopted it as their lifestyle. It is truly impacting the way individuals are leading their lives. It goes without saying that Money Heist is growing on all of us. Especially through its song, ‘Bella Ciao,’ which creates a frenzy among all of us and makes us go all rebellious and righteous too, we are truly grooving for additional installments from the side of Netflix for the same.

What we know so far about ‘Money Heist’ Season 4

The fourth season of Money Heist released in April 2020. It took us a long time to get in line with the fact that the fourth season had already arrived. As soon as we got ourselves to get used to it, we were faced with instant terror. Some of our beloved characters were shown on-screen. Take for example, Berlin. We were absolutely delighted to see Berlin on screen again, even if that meant that he had only returned in the form of a flashback. We were equally excited to see the entire gang come together in a joyous manner. At the same time, the Bank of Spain is going through a terrible experience in the present as the police try to intervene and take control. This was also among those seasons wherein we have had to say goodbye to a very beloved character – our very own Nairobi. She experienced a shocking death and many are still gripping with it.

Has the show been renewed for ‘Money Heist’ Season 5?

You don’t even need to read the answer to this. You are already aware that the series has been renewed for a new installment without any hesitation. All the signals are pointing towards the show undergoing renewal. First and foremost, the story is nowhere near being over. The second heist has not even concluded yet. On the basis of this, it is safe to assume that we have at least one more season coming up in the near future. In addition to this, Alex Pina and his team of writers have several times, in the past, expressed their interest to produce a season five. There are several rumors that suggest that the team already began the pre-production for season 5 in October 2019.

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