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Money Heist popular song Bella Ciao is making audience go crazy

Money Heist is a Netflix show which has been liked by the audience in many aspects. Deli masks were protested by the audiences, but the red jumpsuit became a fashion statement. But above all these, what has caught the attention of the audience more is the song Bella Ciao. Money Heist Nijwa Nimiri’s version of Bella Ciao, the main theme song, is becoming a super hit among the audience. The music has received lots of comments from the audience in a positive way.

The song sounds more mysterious and hunted. Alicia Sierra can be singing the original lines of the song in a lower tone. Mysterious is the word that we can use for the song video. A man is digging a grave, and the song is being played in the background.

Many Indian celebrities like Aushmann Khurrana, Maniesh Paul, Manju Warrier, and Harshdeep Kaur, to name a few, have either crooned or played the song in a musical instrument.

One of the media posts the Aushmann Khurrana mentioned that he liked the series very much. In the near future, he would love to do a role like The Professor. He even shared a video where he could be seen singing the song. Manju Warrier, who is a vina player, released a video of her playing the song.

Recently it is announced by Netflix that Money Heist will be back with season 5, which will be the final season for the series. Characters like Helsinki, The Professor, Bogota, Tokyo, Stockholm, Lisbon, and Denver will be seen in the final season.

Brief History Of Bella Ciao

The song had its roots in the 19th century.  It’s an Italian protest song sung by the women farmers. Through the song, they wanted to highlight the bad working condition in the paddy fields in North Italy. Italian partisans adopted this song as an anthem of the resistance. The resistance was against Nazi German and fascist forces during the Italian Civil War.

Overview of Money Heist

The series is a Spanish heist crime drama. This is a television series and created by Alex Pina. Two long prepared heists are shown in the series. One is led by The Professor on the Royal Mint of Spain and another on the bank of Spain. Initially, the series was planned to have just two parts. It had run 15 episodes on Spanish Network. Later in the year, 2017 Netflix accused global streaming rights. It re-cut the series into 22 shorter episodes. The series was released worldwide.

Season 1 premiered in 2017, season 2 in 2018, season 3 in 2019, and season 4 in 2020. In July 2020 the series was renewed for season 5.

The series is set in Madrid, a mysterious man, The Professor, recruits eight people. They choose cities for code names to carry out a plan. All they want is to enter the Royal Mint of Spain, and they want to steal 2.4 billion. They take 67 people as a hostage and plan to stay inside for 11 days. They want to print the money. The group of people has to deal with the police as well. They succeed in the first heist, and they are seen preparing the second heist.

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