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Money Heist bags 60 million views in 20 days; Destined to become Most Popular series!

Spanish heist drama thriller series, Money Heist has awestruck fans with its fast-paced story, numerous turn arounds, and meticulous planning of Professor who has always remained one step ahead of authorities and has worked out even smallest of the details in the heist. Netflix just shared the data for the views Money Heist season 4 bagged and the numbers are mind-boggling. Considering the numbers, Money Heist season 4 is destined to become the most popular show of 2020.

Coronavirus pandemic has struck the world badly and the majority of the population across the globe is in lockdown. A report suggests that overall viewers of web television series, traffic on internet surfing, and the number of movie watchers, have significantly increased in the past couple of months; thanks to coronavirus outbreak that has forced people to stay in their homes. Spanish series Money Heist has also gained from the corona effect and its viewership numbers have soared significantly.

Netflix reported that Money Heist season 4 has bagged a total of 60 million household stream within 20 days of its launch. Money Heist Season 4 landed on Netflix on April 3, 2020, and since then it is ruling the hearts of fans. Previously, it was estimated that Money Heist season 4 will bag a total of 65 million views within the first four weeks of its launch surpassing another viral documentary show Tiger King that was seen by 64 million people in the first four weeks of its release.

The latest data reveals that Money Heist season 4 will not only become the most popular web tv series on Netflix in 2020 but will also beat the runner up by a comfortable margin. While talking of most popular shows of all time, Stranger Things season 3 that was launched last year, collected a total of 64 million views in the first 28 days. While the most popular season of all time has been The Witcher that bagged 76 million views in the first four weeks.

People all around the globe have showered love on The Professor’s gang and how they go-ahead to print their own money in The Royal Mint of Spain during the first heist. In the second heist in the Bank of Spain, the gang rescues Rio and melts down gold bricks into bullets. The second heist is still not complete and creators have ended the season in a cliffhanger situation which is why fans are going crazy over social media and demanding for the fifth season. After witnessing the mammoth popularity of the show, many Pundits believe that the Money Heist season 5 might break all the viewership records and become the most popular web tv series of all time. Stay tuned for further updates on Money Heist.

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