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Money Heist: Alicia Sierra is Tatiana aka Berlin wife and seeking revenge against Professor

Spanish web series Money Heist shot to fame as soon as it was released and created a buzz all around the globe. All four seasons of the show are remarkably nerve-wrenching and have forced viewers to impatiently wait for the fifth season of Money Heist. Season four ends on a cliffhanger note where Alicia Sierra, the inspector, catches the hero of the series — The Professor in his den and points the gun at him. Professor gets caught in the middle of the heist and the show ends right before the climax.

Soon after the end of the season, fans broke the internet and started coming up with their theory on what could be the end, how Money Heist will proceed in the upcoming season. One such bizarre theory claims that Alicia Sierra is dead Berlin’s ex-girlfriend Tatiana.

The theory is based on the evidence shown in Money Heist season 4 where Berlin is trying to marry his lover named Tatiana. During that time, Berlin reveals to Professor that he has told every detail of heist in the Bank of Spain to his lover Tatiana. Professor gets angry after listening that Berlin has leaked the plan, but Berlin in reply says that one should not hide anything to his better half or love of life.

In the first two seasons of Money Heist, Professor was on top of his game and completely decimated Raquel during conversations. But, it is not the case in Money Heist season 3 and season 4 as the new Inspector in charge — Alicia Sierra takes control of the conversation and beats Professor, leaving him speechless many times. Also, she somehow is able to decode every move of Professor and acts accordingly as if she already knew the next move in Heist. Since, Tatiana was the only outside person who knew the details of Heist in Bank of Spain, it made fans believe that Tatiana has returned in the disguise of Alicia Sierra.

Also, some fans compared the faces of both the actresses and said that both shared similar nose which further strengthens the claim that Tatiana is Alicia Sierra.

While talking to Raquel, Alicia revealed that her husband died two months ago and called her to switch to television to see the news. Comparing it to the death of Berlin in Money Heist season 2, fans claim that Berlin was about to die from cancer within two months and was in combat with police during the robbery in Royal Mint of Spain and might have called Tatiana to switch on the television to hear the news of his death.

At last, a serious question stands tall, if Alicia is Tatiana then why is she attacking Professor? Fans believe that Professor let Berlin die in Money Heist season 4 which made Tatiana angry and now she is taking revenge.

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