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Money Heist: Alicia Sierra might join Professor’s gang in La Casa De Papel season 5

Money Heist Season 4 has taken the world by storm amid coronavirus pandemic as people are under lockdown in their home and binge-watching web tv series over online streaming services. Netflix has cashed amazingly in the time of crisis as its web-tv series including Tiger King and Money Heist are rocking the show worldwide.

Spanish crime drama series Money Heist or La Casa De Papel season 4 is destined to become the most-watched show on Netflix in 2020, the streaming giant revealed in its first quarterly report. Season 4 was ended in a cliffhanger situation as Inspector Alicia Sierra finds the location of The Professor (The head of the heist taking place in Bank of Spain) and points the gun at him. Will Alicia shoot Professor or hand him over to the authorities? There is one more possibility that is most dramatic. Only season 5 will reveal what will happen in future and how would Alicia react, but fans are dying to see season 5 and are impatiently awaiting the release of next season.

Let’s look out the possibilities!

Alicia might shoot Professor, but she won’t. She might hand him to the police and then Professor might find a way to escape. Or his other gang members might help him escape en-route to the police station or jail, as they rescued Tokyo in season 2.

The most interesting theory is that Alicia might join Professor in season 5. Yes! many believe that this might happen as there are a lot of similarities between the first heist in The Royal Mint of Spain and the heist taking place in The Bank of Spain. For example, a gang member retaliates during the heist, and captain of the heist is replaced by another member during the heist. Also, Professor made Inspector Lisbon join his team in the first heist, there is a very high chance that Alicia might join his team and there are plenty of reasons to support the theory.

Alicia is a pregnant lady, a widow with no friends. She has always remained loyal to the Spanish government and police force. But after learning that police have made her scapegoat by asking her to take all blame on her head for all the misdeeds that were performed against the gang. She loses her job, and she is targeted for arrest, civil lawsuits of slander, and defamation.

Alicia is forced to run in disguise amidst heist in Bank of Spain, which clearly shows that she is retaliating the authorities and does not want them to catch her. Since she is betrayed by the government itself, and she has no one by her side, she might enter Professor’s gang to revenge Spanish government and police force. Also, this will prevent her from giving birth to her baby in jail.

On the other hand, by joining the Professor’s gang, she might get enough money to start a new life and give her baby a better life. Also, unlike Lisbon, she has no qualms about breaking the law, so crossing the line from police officer to criminal should be easy for her.

Only Money Heist season5 will reveal what happens which is scheduled to launch in April 2021. Stay tuned for further updates on La Casa De Papel season 5.

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