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Moana 2: When will it premiere and what to expect?


Disney’s Moana was released in 2016 and has been in people’s hearts ever since. Such a beautiful story is required to have a sequel. Disney’s massive hit Moana has won the hearts of fan all around the world.  In fact, people have been watched it on repeat so many times. Moana is a queen among kids. Here we have got you covered on Moana 2’s possibilities. Keep reading to know more.

Story of Moana

Moana is an animated musical film by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, Moana is one of the Disney’s highest grossing animated films.

Disney’s Moana is a story of brave Moana of Montunui, and her adventure to save her village. Moana is the daughter of Tui, the chief of the village. She is supposed to be the next leader but her heart always follows the sea. Certainly, she is chosen by the seas to save the deteriorating earth by restoring the heart of Te Fiti. Te Fiti is the goddess who brought life to the ocean and earth, with a stone that resembles her heart and her power.

Moana and Maui
Source: Variety

However, the heart is stolen by Maui, the demigod. As a result, Te Fiti turns into a fire demon that is destroying the fields of crop and has changed the calm nature of the sea. Hence, in order to save the village, Moana marks on the journey to meet Maui and restore the heart. During her adventure, she struggles with the fierce sea, fights Tamatoa, and learns voyaging from Maui. But she faces failure at her steps. In the end, she loses hope and gives the stone to the sea to choose someone else for the job. Later, her grandmother Tala’s spirit appears, giving her strength and inspiration. The strong willed Moana retrieves the heart and heals the ocean and the village. She then becomes the chief and way finder and resumes voyaging.

What about Moana 2?

The sequel for Moana has been in talks and demanded by fans for a long time now. The hopes were raised last year, when it was reported that Disney is in talks to bring the sequel of Moana. The details for Moana 2 are not officially available. However, sources said the studio is in process of production. In fact, Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson were rumored to reprise their roles as Moana and Maui. The news was a huge relief for the fans. However, questions about Moana 2 have resurfaced on social media platforms.

Even though there is no official announcement for the renewal, sources said that Moana 2 will drop at around late 2021 or early 2022. Hence, we all will have to wait more for at least a year. Certainly, fans believe the prevailing COVID-19 situation is causing the delay otherwise we would have had the confirmation by now.

Moana 2 is being expected to be more adventurous and emotional than the first movie. Nonetheless, it is believed, and somewhat clear, that Moana 2 will depict Moana’s life as the chief of Montunui. We might see the voyagers along with Moana discover other islands as well, as they were restrained from crossing the sea.

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