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Moana 2: when we see the second sequel on the big screen

The makers are actually in a plan to build the following sequence of Moana film, but Disney has yet to confirm with the making of the movie. The talk about Moana 2 is getting widespread but till now; there has been no announcement regarding the release date.

What you know about Moana 1:

Previously four years after the withdrawal of an epic movie Moana on 23rd November 2016, an American 3D Animated Adventure film in the musical genre. The movie was created by Walt Disney animated studios which are directed by Ron Clements and John Musker.

After the excellent achievement of Moana, fans are predicting another sequence in the film, as the first part progressed in a victory way and earned an award in the best-animated feature at the Academy Awards of 2017. The character Moana earned much respect as a female lead and was also officially added as a Disney princess. Now at every Disney park, people dressed as Moana and joined hands with Maui. The Moana film is the 56th Disney Animated feature film in the year 2016.

The ending of Moana made the story as Moana stands before the villainess Te Ka, the fearsome lava monster who’s also the assumed guardian of Mother Island Te Fiti, Maui was chosen to help Moana save Te Ka with her entirely human abilities.

When is Moana 2 gonna screen and what do we expect?

There is not even single communication regarding the release or making of the second sequel of the film Moana. According to some references, the movie can be expected to screen in the theatres either in November 2021 or 2022 because everything is put on hold due to the pandemic circumstance. We expect the story would be based on the journey of Maui and Moana after their separation. 

Still, we don’t know what the creators are scheduling on the story of Moana 2, but in an interview, a discussion of Disney with Dwayne Johson and Auli’i Cravalho for Moana 2 is reasonable for every fan to predict its making on the film Moana 2. The casts are formulating the script at home and maybe there will be some delay due to the coronavirus and most probably we can expect it by 2021. 

Who is the voice cast for the second part?

The crew who are voicing for the main leads are already on their way to make the next sequel of Moana happen but the only question which is popping in our mind is when the movie starts its shooting? Making an animated movie somehow can happen but the expectations of the fans really made the makers difficult to make the second sequence in high probability.


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