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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug And Cat Noir Season 4 Set For A 2021 Release

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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir first premiered on Nickelodeon on December 6, 2015. It is an animated TV show produced by Method Animation and Zagtoon, both French Studios. The show came to be when the two collaborated with De Agostini Editore S.p.A., Toei Animation, and SAMG Animation.
The show first aired on December 6, 2015, on Nickelodeon. The show was dropped in 2016 by the network due to some complications and made a comeback to the US via Disney Channel in 2019.

To date, the show has 3 seasons which have received mixed reactions from the audiences, with some defending it while others criticize it.

Nevertheless, season 4 is now coming out, and here is what we know about it.

When is Season 4 Coming Out?

Season 4 was confirmed to have 26 episodes and is set to release in September of 2021. So far the exact date has not yet been revealed and there is also no trailer available for the new season, keep checking this space for any updates.

Season 4 Voice-Cast

Cristina Vee as Marinette Dupain-Cheng 

Bryce Papenbrook as Cat Noir

Keith Silverstein as Hawk Moth

Carrie Keranen as Alya Césaire

Max Mittleman as Plagg

Benjamin Diskin as Nino Lahiffe

Selah Victor as Chloé Bourgeois

Two new Miraculous holder superheroes will be introduced in Season 4, with one of them being Mylène Haprèle, who will wield the Mouse Miraculous. The other is believed to be the new Bee Miraculous holder.



Marinette Ladybug, whilst being a superhero that occasionally protects Paris from villainous threats, is also the Guardian of the Miraculous. This means that apart from keeping her own secret identity a secret, she also has to hide the existence of magical and turbulent creatures known as the Kwamis a secret too, balance that with keeping tabs on her school and personal life.

While the time she has to manage her love life is continuously decreasing, making it hard for her to express her feelings to Adrien, Shadow Moth, her nemesis, grows stronger than ever after acquiring the ability to fuse the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculous. Luckily for her, Cat Noir and her other allies have her back.

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