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Minecraft Potions: How to brew Potions in Minecraft?

Minecraft brewing is used to create different kinds of consumable potions for a wide range of effects, like healing buffs, strength enhancers, and elemental cures when you are pitched against Minecraft mobs and monsters. You can concoct these mixtures by brewing a base ingredient, which is further adapted and enhanced with the help of a modifier or secondary ingredient.

Brewing the potions in Minecraft might seem to be a bit difficult. And if you want to learn the basics, we have listed down a simple guide to make potions in Minecraft.

What are the most common Minecraft Brewing equipment?

  • You will need a brewing stand in order to add the ingredients together into water bottles.
  • Cauldron equates to 3 glass bottles and can hold 1 bucket of water or 3 bottles of single potion.
  • Blaze powder is an essential ingredient which is used to fuel the brewing stand
  • A glass bottle is a potion container. It is used at a water source to make a water bottle.
  • A water bottle is made by filling the glass bottle at a water source or cauldron. It is essentially the starting base for all the potions.

How to use a Minecraft Brewing stand?

In order to use a Minecraft Brewing stand, you will have to fill the glass bottles (preferably between 1-3 glass bottles) with water. You can fill it from either a cauldron or a water source. After this, you will have to bring the water bottle(s) into the bottom 3 slots. With the base ingredient, you will have to fill the top spot. Then, finally, for the brewing process using the blaze powder. You will have to repeat the above-listed steps till you get the desired potion.

The base ingredients are mentioned below, along with the potion each ingredient will create. The modifier effect is used to adapt or enhance potions.

  1. Ingredient: Nether Wart
    Potion type: Awkward Potion
    Modifier effect: None
  2. Ingredient: Redstone Dust
    Potion Type: Mundane Potion
    Modifier Effect: Extends potion duration
  3. Ingredient: Glowstone Dust
    Potion Type: Thick Potion
    Modifier effect: Enhances potion potency
  4. Ingredient: Fermented Spider Eye
    Potion Type: Potion of Weaknes
    Modifier effect: Corrupts a potion, reversing its effects
  5. Ingredient: Gunpowder Splash PotionType: Water Bottle; Modifier effect: Explodes on impact
  6.  Ingredient: Dragon’s Breath
    Potion Type: Lingering Water Bottle
    Modifier effect: Explodes on impact, leaves a damaging cloud

Here’s a list of the secondary ingredient, also called the effective ingredient. The ingredient influences the type of potion that is created.

  • Sugar- Swiftness
  • Rabbit’s Foot- Swiftness
  • Glistering Melon- Healing
  • Pufferfish Water- breathing
  • Magma Cream- Fire resistance
  • Golden Carrot- Night vision
  • Blaze Powder-Strength
  • Ghast Tear -Regeneration
  • Turtle Shell-Water breathing
  • Phantom Membranes -Slow falling
  • Fermented Spider -Eye Poison

These basics will help you to make potions in Minecraft, to brew recipes in order to create potions to suit your combat needs.

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