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Minecraft: Minecraft houses, potions and other updates

minecraft houses, potions and updates

Our most favorite “blocky” game Minecraft has been entertaining its gamers for over 10 years now. Moreover, It has gone to become the best selling game with over 126 million monthly active users this year. Further, the game allows the players to use their creativity and build houses, weapons, devices, etc. Mojang Studios are the publishers of the game and in 2014, Microsoft purchased its intellectual property for US$2.5 billion. Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten are the designers. To find out more about the game read further.

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What to expect from Minecraft and where to play?

Minecraft gives its players the freedom to play the way they want to. However, the game also consists of various modes: Survival, adventure, hardcore, creative and spectator mode. They are also supposed to choose the range of difficulty. By choosing from these options, the player can create their world. The game is a 3D sandbox video game and so the players do not have specific goals but are rather have achievements. There is a multiplayer mode available in the game where you can invite people and interact with them in a single world. The players can fight mobs, build almost anything, explore their world, and defend themselves from pillagers.

Minecraft houses can be made according to the player’s list using a different variety of items and materials. However, the best houses to build are simple medieval, modern, and a house with a balcony. Others include sandstone mansion, suburban, wooden forest, Asian propaganda, and multilevel simple wooden house. An ideal house is expected to include a furnace,  farm or garden, consistent design, and storage room.

The other items are the potions, this when drank creates a short-term effect on the characters. They are usually made by brewing. There is the potion of regenerations, swiftness, leaping, fire resistance, healing, strength, night vision, breathing, leaping, invisibility, etc.

Minecraft is available in Windows, OS X, and Linux. The players can download the game for free.

Updates, privacy policy, and parental controls

The game is expected to release its next new update, version 1.17 in the year 2021. Mojang has confirmed that it will be a caves and cliffs update. It is expected to come up with new biomes, mobs, and strategies to bring its gamers a new adventure.

The privacy policies of the game are aimed at maintaining the trust of its gamers and viewers and therefore are well maintained. However, even then your information might be distributed to third parties for providing services. They are obligated to share this information with anyone. Further, its better to stay cautious as no settings or security is 100% reliable. There are no parental controls, all that the parents can do is turn off the chat function to avoid the display of inappropriate language.



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