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Mikey Lorna Tyson: What is Mike Tyson’s net worth and personal life?

Mikey Lorna Tyson net worth

Mike Tyson was one of those faces that are recognized by many even after his retirement. He was the Heavyweight champion in 1980. The legend has bagged many awards and also had faced many ups and downs in his career as well as personal life. He has had several marriages and Mikey Lorna Tyson is the eldest of his children. Her mother is Kimberly Scarborough. They don’t get as much fame as their father but still happen to capture the media’s attention here and now.

Early life

Mikey Lorna Tyson was born in 1990 in the USA. Her parents are the very well-known Kimberly Scarborough and Mike Tyson. When her mother was pregnant with her, Mike Tyson was not ready for the child and had asked her to go through an abortion. However, after his time spent in jail, he was ready to welcome his daughter happily. He is also known to be very protective of his children. Mikey Lorna Tyson also has siblings who are Rayna Tyson, Miguel Leon Tyson, Exodus Tyson, Amir Tyson, Milan Tyson, Morocco Tyson.

Personal life and career

Mikey Lorna Tyson is very private about her life and career and so we have very little information about her. However, looking at her Instagram feeds, we see she is living a happy life. She dealt with issues of obesity but over the years lost some weight. She spends a lot of time with her friends and also her father. Recently she came into the limelight for an absurd reason. A piece of news broke out that the former boxing champion was ready to give $10 million to the man who will marry his daughter.  It was said that he was worried no one will marry his daughter because of obesity. However, Mike himself said this was not true. As of her career, nothing is known as she doesn’t reveal much about her.

Currently, she is not in a relationship with anyone according to our knowledge. If any updates are given, we will provide you with the updates.

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What is the net worth of Mikey Lorna Tyson?

Mikey Lorna Tyson does not share much information about herself over social media and we don’t know what her earnings and net worth are. However, Mike Tyson is known to have a net worth of $3 million and this he is sure to spend for his daughters too.

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