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Mike Tyson VS Ray Jones Jr square off at Los Angeles: Who is gonna win the game?

The two boxing legends  Mike Tyson and Ray Jones Jr will square off in Saturday’s pay-per-view bout in Los Angeles. The much-anticipated exhibition match will take place inside an empty Staples Center this coming weekend. The highlight of the match will be the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history versus the only man to debut at 154 pounds and go on to win a piece of the heavyweight crown.

‘Iron’ Mike is well-known for his viciousness, strength, and knockout power. The boxing world has been stunted by his great skills almost for two decades. On the other hand, Roy Jones Jr. is all hailed as a defensive master in the boxing fraternity. He is considered to be one of the best athletes to enter the ring. Therefore, boxing pundits often account for them as an antidote to each other.

Both the veterans will be finally locking their horns in an ‘exhibition’ clash on November 28, David Haye has outlined a possible picture of the fight. As per plug, Tyson and Roy’s age can be a vital factor in the game.

According to ‘Haymaker’, another plug, Roy Jones Jr. will enjoy several advantages and Mike Tyson might get a mere 5-10 seconds to floor his opponent. Haye even connected with seconds out to discuss the fight and left many surprised with his claims.

‘Haymaker’ also exclaimed, Roy Jones for eight 2-minute rounds or whatever they are boxing. I think he would do that. Mike Tyson, I think can roll back the clock for 5-10 seconds, twice around maybe. I don’t believe he is going to have many bursts. The first burst and how much rest he needs after is this. If he pins Jones against the corner, he has been hitting the pads like he is doing. I have seen some fantastic pad and bag work from Mike Tyson. But I have only seen it in 2-3 seconds bursts.”

Mike Tyson is still dangerous

David Haye claims that  Tyson is expected to primarily emerge with action, putting all his force on Jones. However, if ‘Captain Hook’ deals with it, there can be a different outcome.

As we draw closer to the fight, Tyson vs Jones continues to raise eyebrows about who will walk off with the win. Fans are all hyped up for the day!

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