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Mike Dee, Pop Smoke’s closest friend lashes out at media for not letting him mourn the loss silently

Bashar Barakah Jackson, the popular rapper Pop Smoke, has been killed recently. Pop was not that old but just in his 20s. Needless to say, he was the face of Brooklyn drill as he represented the place with his incredible and enchanting talent. It would also be no wrong to tag him as one among the minimal and aggressive instrument holders. “welcome to the party” was his successful album through which pop rose to fame. He was mainly into hip hop and drill and had been associated with many acts.

The Unfortunate Death of Smoke:

Smike after his song, his billboard #7 called a few friends in for a small get-together. He had also got some gift bags from many of his loved ones. Pop took this social media to post pictures of those gift bags from his fans. It seems that the picture itself was the death knell as it had Pop’s address clearly written on it, which was then again clearly visible in the picture. Later, when the party got over around at 4:30, 4 masked men entered his house and shot him multiple times in his chest.

Murderers get discovered face death penalty and Juvenile:

The murderers of Pop Smoke have been discovered by the police department. Two men and two teens have been arrested. Corey Walker, who is 19, and Keandre Rodgers, 18are likely to face the death penalty, while the two teens whose names have not been disclosed as of now are likely to be sent to juvenile.

His friend Bashes media :

Mike Dee, one of the closest friends of pop Smoke, has openly slammed media He was sin the get-together party of Smoke before his murder. He stated that people have been highly unsympathetic towards him and have left no chance to run into him for queries and investigation. He added a caption that stated that he considered Smoke as his brother and is highly grieved at this loss; while he wants some time to mourn the loss, people and media are not letting him do this.

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