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Microsoft is planning to bring Xbox Game Pass streaming to Consoles and PC!


Xbox’s Project xCloud has been a huge success. It brought Xbox Game Pass game titles to mobile phones. However, the big update now is that Project xCloud will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on Consoles and PC. The fans have been excited since the news came out. Certainly, it is going to give the players a new way to explore games.

What is Project xCloud?

Project xCloud is Microsoft’s Xbox cloud game streaming service. It has been officially launched as Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It was launched on 23 September 2020. Moreover, the players can subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate without any additional cost. Initially, the service was released only for Android devices, specifically Android 6.0 and above. However, the service is only available in a few countries including the US, United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Korea and others. Nonetheless, Phil Spencer aims to spread the service to every country in the world.
In addition, Microsoft announced that there is a new line of accessories for Xbox mobile. For instance, Razer Kishi Universal Mobile Gaming Controller for Android phones.
Apparently, Project xCloud can stream 3500 games, and other 1900 games are already on the way.

Xbox Game Pass streaming to PC and Consoles

As mentioned above, the Xbox Game Pass streaming service was available on Android devices. But now, you can access the service PC and Xbox Consoles. The news was hinted, rather, shared by Xbox Chief Phil Spencer on Twitter. He mentioned that bringing the xCloud Game streaming to PC and Xbox Consoles for gamers has been a part of the plan.

As much as you guys are excited about the news, however, there is still a long way to go. Hence, gamers will have to wait a little longer to access the service on their PC and Consoles. Phil Spencer mentioned that although it is something they want to do, it’s not their number one priority. He said, “We want to do this. It’s in the long list of cool things the xCloud team is working on, just a bit further down the list. But we want console and PC players to be able to browse as easily as mobile players, it’s a good Game Pass feature.”

What will gamers get?

  • It is a good news for the gamers community as this service brings new opportunities for them. Once Xbox Game Pass streaming supports PC, it will introduce the Xbox exclusive titles to the wide array of PC gamers.
  • Moreover, the Xbox gamers, who have xCloud Game streaming support will get to stream a title and test it before deciding to download it.
  • Hence, even in maximum limit storage, Xbox Consoles will have sufficient storage. Therefore, it will be helpful for you in the case of limited internet.
  • Above all, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers gain free access to Project xCloud.
    Also, those who purchase Xbox Series X/S through All access will be provided two years’ worth of Game Pass Ultimate Subscriptions.

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