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Michael Bay To Not Be A Part Of Transformers 5

The fifth instalment of the science-fiction series, Transformers is expected to begin production.

Michael Bay has become popular and one of the major reasons why his direction is commendable is because of the Transformer franchise. The Transformer franchise has come a long way. After four successful back-to-back hit films, this science fiction series has won the hearts of millions. But there comes a time when Michael Bay unfortunately must sign off, from the current series. There have been talks surrounding the possibility of a fifth part of our favorite science-fiction series. However, it seems like Michael Bay won’t be a part of it.

Michael Bay To Not Be A Part Of Transformers 5

According to recent reports, the movie’s producer, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura confirmed that they will be making a fifth movie to add to the Transformers franchise. He further went on to add that Michael Bay will not be a part of the movie. Bonaventura since then, has been on a hunt for a new director that can fill in for Bay.

Bonaventura was quoted as saying, “I think Bay has made it really clear that he loved what he did and he’s not doing anymore. So I think the answer is we’re writing a script. At that point, once we get script we have a strong belief in, then we’ll begin to debate that. Michael’s made it really clear that he didn’t want to do it. I don’t blame him. He spent a hell of a lot, a decade of his life, shooting them.”

Michael Bay Spent A Decade Shooting The Transformers Franchise

The director of the film has definitely spent next to a decade filming all of the four instalments of the movie. As can be recalled, the first movie of the Transformers franchise, released back in July 2007. The fourth instalment of the movie released back in 2017. It’s been quite a long journey. What adds further to the journey is the development and pre-production period that is invested. It’s actually over 10 years of Michael Bay’s life that has been dedicated to this movie. Therefore, it makes sense for Bay to quit the series at this point as he needs to focus on other projects as well.

What will be the plotline for Transformers 5?

For fans who are wondering if the Transformers team will be able to pick up from where they left, the simple answer to that question is no. It is not possible for the team to start off where they left as firstly, Michael Bay is not going to be a part of the series. Further to this, the producer of the film has even gone on to confirm that they will no longer be continuing where they left.

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