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Messiah: Is the series renewed for the second season?

Messiah is an American thriller web series created by Michael Petroni for Netflix. The show premiered on the streaming platform on 1 January 2020, consisting of 10 episodes. Soon after the arrival of the show, it became one of the controversial series because of its take on certain topics.


Messiah focuses on the reaction of the people residing in the modern world to a man who appears in the Middle-East, and his followers claim that he is Isa (Jesus). His sudden appearance, followed by the spirituality and miracles, caught the attention of the whole world; people were doubtful of his identity and his arrival out of nowhere. To find out about his identity and who he really is, a case began by the CIA officer.

Plot of Messiah Season 1

 The first season of the Messiah revolves around a priest who is known as Al-Masih by his followers and people. His sole purpose is to make people aware of religious power and spirituality. His followers think that he can perform miracles, which makes some people doubtful of his intentions and identity. A new CIA officer starts the investigation to find about Al-Masih.

Cast of Messiah Season 1

The cast of Messiah Season 1 is as follows, Mehdi Dehbi as Al Masih, Tomer Sisley as Avaram Dahan, Michelle Monaghan as Eva Geller, Jane Adams as Mirium Keneally, John Ortiz as Felix Aguero, Melinda Page as Anne Aguero, and few others. If the second season of Messiah happens then, the cast of the debut season will reprise their respective roles.

Release Date of Messiah 2

On 26 March 2020, Netflix cancelled Messiah for its second season because of the critic’s reviews and controversial take on the subject of the series. Viewers have asked Netflix to take down the show because of wrongly portraying the religious concepts and defending the Muslim community. However, some people really liked the storyline of the series. Unfortunately, there will be no season two of Messiah anytime soon.

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