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Merlin Season 6, Will there be a new season for series?

Merlin Season 6

Merlin Season 6 has been speculated whether the sixth season will release or not. In 2012, it was declared officially that probably the fifth season was the last installment. It had started with a two-part finale. Merlin had a total of 65 episodes, and it ended with a successful run in 2012. Therefore, there won’t be any season 6, unless of course, some other network agrees to bring back the sixth season of the series. Here we have got to you everything about Merlin.


Merlin started in the year 2008 on 20th September and ended its fifth season on 24 December 2012. The British show initially launched on the Syfy network in the US. Although now all the seasons are available on the Netflix platform. Each season had 13 episodes.

Plot of Merlin Season 6

Merlin is a fictional-adventure and fantasy drama series. It concentrates on the tale of King Arthur. It shows his deep friendship with the famous wizard called Merlin. The show generated by Julian Jones, Lucy Watkins, Jake Michie, Howard Overman, Julian Murphy, and Johnny Capps. Shine Limited produces it. Jones writes the script. It outlines the rise of King Arthur and Merlin in their younger days.

The show illustrates the events in which Arthur’s father, Uther Pendragon, prohibits the use of magic in Camelot and denounces it as a crime punishable by death. This law forces the wizard, Merlin, to hide his supernatural powers from the common sight, except for his mentor Gaius. This show depicts the life of King Arthur and how he turns from a naive child to the mighty king. At the same time, Merlin grows into a symbol that shapes Camelot’s future.


Colin Morgan played the character of the wizard, Merlin. Angel Coulby played the character of Guinevere. Bradley James played the character of Arthur Pendragon. Katie McGrath played the character of Morgana. Richard Wilson played the character of Gaius.

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