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Merlin: Is there any connection between Merlin and Cursed?


Merlin is a British fantasy-adventure drama television series with five seasons. Fans were disappointed as they felt when the show was getting interesting over episodes makers ended it. Today’s news is about the 2020 show on Netflix, which may be related to that. To know in detail, continue reading.

The first season of Merlin was released in 2008, and the last, 5th season was released in 2012. Now, after seven years, there is another series named ‘Cursed,’ which might be a continuation of Merlin with the different plotline.

Plot line of Merlin:

This Medieval-Fantasy follows the story of a king and a magician pretending as the king’s servant. The show is named as Adventures of Merlin on Netflix. A boy named Merlin comes to the town, and he had to hide is magic because the king was anti-magic. He saved the prince’s life and became his servant. He is shown as the protector of the prince from black-magic and witches. The Dragon is the narrator of the show who has immense powers. It shows a beautiful journey and adventures.

Now, After seven years there is another show named cured. In this show, there is a girl who is a witch, and she is running away from the world as she wants to save her life. There a secret of the sword which was born from her father’s body. In this series, the name of the father is ‘Merlin- the great magician’. The same of both the series is the same.

There was news that series Merlin will be continued of will be completely reboot and come back. This may be it. The great magician Merlin, who was king’s saviour, is now the great magician and a father of someone who is meant to save the world with her magic. The next season of Cursed will help viewers confirm it.

Cast of Merlin:

  • Bradly James as Arthur Pendragon/ prince of Camelot
  • Colin Morgan as Merlin/ the Magician
  • Anthony Head as Uther Pendragon/ King of Camelot
  • Angel Coulby as Guinevere/ serving girl
  • Katie McGrath as Morgana Pendragon/ King’s ward
  • Richard Wilson As Gaius/ Healer of the Camelot

Review analysis

Fans love this show for its’s fabulous and deep plot, characters, and adventure. The way characters are being portrayed, and there is another world behind your screen, which will force you to clear your mind and enjoy the show. It gives craving for the next adventure and another after that which you would wish never to stop.

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