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Meghan Markle Lands First Job With Disney

This is reportedly the first time that the duchess will be playing a role in the entertainment industry, after they decided to denounce the royalty.

It is official – Meghan Markle has decided to go back to her roots. The duchess has landed her first gig since denouncing all the ties with the royal family. The actress is reportedly working with Disney on an untitled project. This project was expected to release on April 3rd. However, due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, it has been delayed.

It is worthy to note that this took place just weeks after Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle announced that they have decided to step away from the royal life. This move, it appears, has given Meghan the freedom to make her own choices. Her choice was to re-enter the entertainment industry and what better way to do it than by partnering with Disney. In the new role, the 38-year-old actress is reportedly going to be narrating the nature documentary that is titled, ‘Elephants.’ The documentary has seen Meghan Markle participating with them since as early as March 26th 2020.

The documentary is available for all the Disney Plus subscribers. The film will be premiered from the beginning of April 3rd. It is interesting to note that the latest announcement made regarding Meghan Markle being a part of Disney productions, the duchess was referred to as ‘Duchess of Sussex.’ It remains to be seen, however, if she will continue to retain the title in the on-going future. The duchess along with Harry, were able to step down from their ties with the royal family on March 31st, 2020 onward.

As mentioned previously, this is the first role after long that Meghan Markle was able to get involved with a movie, after she and Prince Harry fell in love and decided to get married. The video footage revolving around Harry and the movie’s production head, Bob Iger talking about the movie has also circulated online. In the movie, it can bee seen that they are both talking about the movie industry. Prince Harry expressly conveys to him that his wife is interested in collaborating with Disney.

It goes without saying that Meghan Markle’s journey with the film industry is a long-lived one. Before she became the wife of the most prestigious bachelor out there, she was best known for her acting skills in roles for series such as ‘Suits.’ She has also appeared in minor roles in different movies including ‘Get Him To The Greek,’ ‘Horrible Bosses’ and more.

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