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Megalo Season 2 Release Date Revealed!

Megalo Box Season 2

Anime NYC is expected to release the second season of Megalo early next year.

It certainly does not come across as a surprise that we have a second season in the making for the animated series, Megalo. The animated show has won the hearts of millions. In fact, owing to its massive success, a second season was announced back in 2019 itself during the Anime NYC event. While the announcement didn’t talk about any specific date regarding when they plan on starting work on it and neither did TMS Entertainment make any comment, according to the statement made by Anime TV, it seems like the second season might release in early 2021.

It does make sense for them to push the season through this year due to the current circumstances. There are a  lot of different types of delays that one ends up facing during such a challenging time and Megalo is no different. It goes without saying that the anime show has brought a revolutionary change in the recent years. As per the Google Search traffic, Megalo is the most-viewed anime-animated series on the platform till date. The reviews and competitors are quite up to their mark when it comes to taking on a big show like Megalo but it ends up topping all the charts.

Megalo Season 2 To Release For The Global Audience

An interesting thing to note regarding the announcement made by Anime TV is that the announcement was not actually made in Japan, as was previously done. In fact, they chose a platform as magnificent as New York City, to make their grand announcement. This simply goes on to suggest just how impactful the Japanese anime industry has been till date.

The year 2019 was among the most highlighted years where the Japanese anime industry rose to prominence. There were quite a few announcements made associated with the anime industry and they were able to gain much popularity.

Megalo Season 2 Plot Line

As can be recalled, the last episode of Megalo was the thirteenth one. The finale episode left the fans on a major cliff-hanger. As far as the writer, Ashita No Joe Manga is concerned, the character itself is quite iconic for the anime fans to recognize. This character has been referenced by many different anime cartoon shows including Dragon Ball Z, Berserk, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Kill La Kill, and Gurren Lagann.

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