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Megalo box season 2 – release date, cast, plot & much more!!

Megalo Box – a 2018 anime TV show built in remembrance of the 50th ceremony of the manga Ashita no Joe. It is produced by the 3xCube and by the studio TMS Entertainment, which produced the following Ashita no Joe anime in 1980.

Set in an area where the wealthy are privileged residents and those on the outskirts are unlicensed residents living in scarcity, the sport of the film has lifted. The film is a famous sport where the boxers fight as wearing an alloy frame that makes their crimes even more deadly. Junk Dog attacks in the covered criminal ring with firm fights managed by his coach Gansaku Nanbu. After he nearly smashes his vehicle into Yukiko Shirato, her bodyguard confronts Junk Dog to fight him in Megalonia hired for licensed residents. Now, Junk Dog acts to prove himself the best warrior and pull up the ranks to revisit Megalonia.

Release date –

Netflix did not give the license for the initial Megalo Box the first season as a Netflix exclusive. It is likely that change for the second installment as well.

If Megalo Box’s second installment becomes a Netflix Original show then further episodes will stream on Netflix Japan as they release in Japanese television stations. Nevertheless, Netflix U.S. and some other international Netflix variants might pause the scenes for many months so they can be watched whenever they want to.

If Netflix does not give a permit to the show, then part 2 Netflix premiere date will probably be registered for countless months after all the episodes have been released on other streaming platforms.


The film is set up in an innovative setting where the authorized residents are sunk in the wealthy areas whereas the unlicensed residents live in the countryside of the city in Harlem. Junk Dog has been combating unlawful and rigid matches on the word of Gansaku Nanbu (his coach).
When after an event gets him confronted by a Megalo Boxer to battle with him in the Megalonia part, the highest Boxing platform then everything takes a reverse turn in his life. The show reveals by chasing the course of Junk Dog, who with taking the help of his coach (Nanbu), fights with other boxers to strike his goal for reaching Megaldonia with all his best being.

Stay tuned for multiple updates on the show right here!!

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