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Megalo Box season 2: Anime television series to hit the screens again

Megalo Box Season 2

Megalo Box season 2 is one of the most awaited anime television series. The series launched on April 6, 2018, and went on till June 19, 2018. The season concluded with 13 episodes. Yo Moriyama directed with the show with Katsuhiko Manabe and Kensaku Kojima as the writers of the series. Fans have been asking for a season 2 since then and a short while after the first season’s debut, the team made an announcement for the second season. But as we know, the production will b delayed as they are busy with the production of Dr Stone. However, we can expect the show to release by the first half of 2021. The team also mentioned that the second season will b set the story 7 years into the future.

What to expect from Megalo Box season 2?

The anime is set in the future, where people are divided into a group of licensed and unlicensed people. The licensed people live in a wealthy city while the unlicensed live in the slums of Japan. In this city, Megalo Boxing is an important event, it is similar to boxing except that the players wear a metal frame which makes the whole fight more dangerous and brutal. The protagonist of the series is Junk Dog, who is from the slums. He used to take part in underground illegal rings. This was performed according to the desire of his coach who would direct him as to when to win or lose a match.

An accident with the car of a member of a wealthy group changes his life. Further, it gives him a chance to fight in the Megalonia. After the fateful match with Yuri in Megalonia, Joe/Junk Dog is going to be back once again for yet another fight.

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Other updates on the show

The show was renewed shortly after the first season but the director nor the team has given us a clear idea about the release date. The plot of the season is also still under the wraps. The only hint provided is that the story is set seven years into the future. The series may not follow the manga exactly and might add their own elements. The show can also be viewed in Netflix and a teaser trailer for Megalo Box season 2 is available.

The characters will be the same as the first season. We can expect to see Junk Dog, Gansaku Nanbu, Yuri, Yukiko Shirato, Sachio, Fujimaki, Tatsumi and the others. New faces can also be expected for the new season.

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