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Meek Mill:How much did he achieve after becoming Best Rapper after numerous efforts?

Introduction of Meek Mill:

Meek Mill is an American rapper, composer, and also an activist who progressed his career as a battle rapper and derived from a small gang known as ‘The Bloodhounds’. Mill also evolved a leading supporter of criminal justice reform in the United States and formed a non-profit organization in 2018, which intends to reduce the number of people who are unjustly under the control of the criminal justice system starting with probation and parole where they also gather people from various fields who have to appear enthusiastic in them. 

Meek Mill also donated 50 million dollars to the foundation in 2019, as its inaugural CEO. Mill won many awards in the area of music especially as a rapper and received an award in 2015 as favorite Rap and Hip-Hop albums for the song-  “Dreams Worth more than money” 2015. His fourth studio album, the champion was released in November 2018 and debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart. Its lead single, “Going Bad ” peaked at number six on the Billboard 100 captioning Mill’s highest-charting single to date. Meek Mill’s net worth is estimated at 20 million dollars as of 2020 after coming to be one of the best rappers in American.

How did he overcome the struggles in his childhood?

Meek Mill was born on 6th May 1987 in South Philadelphia, his both parents went through a lot when Mill was younger, where his father was killed during an attempted robbery and his mother grew up in poverty; so Mill knows what does it mean to come from low stage to high. After his father died, his family moved to North Philadelphia, their financial status was so poor and his mother Kathy only the breadwinner of the family and worked hard to survive in the world.

Mill inspired Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff as a rap artist in the 1980s and also listening to Chic Raw and Vodka Hip-Hops. During his early teenage years, Meek often took part in rap battles under the fiction name of Meek Millz.  

Meek Mill’s hard work and dedication towards music brought him to high levels:

Mill often stayed up well past midnight filling notebooks with phrases and verses that he later drew on which shows his dedication towards his career. Then a rap gang formed by his small group of three friends named The Bloodhounds. Mill was arrested and beaten up badly for chasing and trying to kill two black cops with a gun at the age of 18 and placed on probation for his action. Because of the beating, his lips and both eyes became swollen and one of his braids was ripped out and also sentenced to 6 months in prison for disobeying the order of the officials. So this brutal event happened to him at the age of 18, is one of the reasons to become a part of the Criminal Justice System. Meek Mill is married to Milan Rouge and has three children, where they welcomed their third child in 2020.

How Meek Mill began his career? 

While being in the group The Bloodhounds, he has released four mixtapes and signed to Ross’ Maybach Music group in 2011, where he published his debut single track “Tupac Back” then his career progressed smoothly. His both mixtape- Dreams and Nightmares and Amen amassed its name and made him extraordinary. Meek Mill planned to release his new album “Championships” follow-up before the end of 2020

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