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Matt James as the first Black lead on the show The Bachelor

An American reality dating TV show ‘The Bachelor’ reportedly is going to casting its first black lead. The makers of the show have finalized the first African American man Matt James as the lead face of the show in the history of this Series. On Friday, It was announced by the ABC network that the 28 years old actor, Matt James would be the lead star of the upcoming season of the long-running reality dating show. He would be a highlight for the 25th season of the Series.

The show makers were allegedly criticized for lack of diversity in the cast of the show. The ABC network is now expecting to bring more diversity into its shows with the announcement of Matt James as the lead face for the upcoming The Bachelor season 25.
There are over 18 seasons, and till the date, they have had just one black lead. Rachel Lindsay was the only African American woman on the show for the season 21 of Bachelorette.

The Bachelor is one of the most-watched and highly rated reality TV dating show. There are reports which suggest that there are many petitions from the fans and former contestants of the show urging the show makers to bring more diversity in the cast and undergo a ‘diversity makeover’ on their show. Apart from that, A Bachelor Diversity Campaign group has launched a petition requesting ABC and Warner Bros to cast a black lead for season 25, which will be broadcasted in the next year 2021.

The petition was signed with almost 85,000. However, sources have revealed that the decision to cast James is not a result due to the occurrence of recent events. Reportedly, for several months, producers were talking about James.

There are some reports suggested by a media portal confirm that, initially, he was set to be a contestant in Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette. But due to the lethal spread of COVID 19 pandemic, the production of the show was placed on hold. And the President of ABC Entertainment, Karey Burke, also revealed that since February, Matt James is on their radar. Apart from that, Burke further disclosed that he was first approached to join Bachelor Nation as part of Clare’s season by the producers in February. Karey Burke continued that after the show was placed on hold due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, they had the opportunity to get to know Matt better, and everybody on their team satisfied with that he would be perfect for The Bachelor.

Originally Matt James is a broker. On Good Morning America, Matt said that he would try this best to prove and show the true meaning of diversity in love. He would not do let the viewers regret it. In season 16 of The Bachelorette, Matt James was seen as one of the most wanted contestants. He is a great friend of Tyler Cameron.

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