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Matt Bomer Confirms ‘White Collar’ Reunion

The White Collar cast is expected to reunite on the Stars In The House YouTube channel.

Quarantine times have not exactly been fun. There are a lot of times wherein we have been able to keep ourselves busy with the good old TV series. To recall, we had a time when we were watching The White Collar religiously. However, the show – like many other great shows – had to come to an end. At the same time, what is true for most of the U.S.-based shows is the fact that none of these shows actually come to an end. In fact, the creators of the show end up looking for different ways through which they can possibly extend the show. The same thing took place with The White Collar. It seems like the creators have been planning since the very beginning that they would like for the show to continue for years to come.

In a recent turn of events, they ended up making their plans of reviving the show official. The fans were rejoiced by the thought of seeing the old cast members together, however, they didn’t have a clue as to what exactly can be expected in the upcoming season. The White Collar main star, Matt Bomer also ended up teasing what is to be expected in the reunion. It appears like the main cast of the show is hatching a plan of coming together on Stars In The House YouTube channel. The session is expected to premiere at 8 p.m. ET. Some of the main cast members of the show include Matt Bomber, who obviously plays the role of Neal Caffrey. He is also joined by Tim DeKay, who plays the role of Peter Burke along with Sharif Atkins, Hilarie Burton, Willie Garson, Marsha Thomason and Tiffani Thiessen who play the role of Clinton Jones, Sara Ellis, Mozzie, Diana Berrigan and Elizabeth Burke respectively. The stars will reportedly be gathering together to discuss and interact with their fans and followers. They will also actively promoting the Trevor project, which has been in the works since forever.

As far as Matt Bomer is concerned, he has always been the kind who has actively praised White Collar and all its further development. Soon after the show got cover, he began featuring in several new films including Magic Mike. He also joined Ryan Murphy’s bandwagon of American Horror Story roles and has been immensely popular since then. He has been a part of the DC Universe in a very systematic manner as well, with the launch of Doom Patrol. Other than this, he is going to be working on The Sinner as well, which is further backed by the USA Network.


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