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Mary Poppins song “A spoonful of sugar”: Backstory

A Spoonful of Sugar

Mary Poppins A Spoonful of Sugar is still one of the most enjoyed and beloved song for many. The song is as mentioned above from the movie Mary Poppins. It became widely popular among kids and adults after its release. Recently Jeffery Sherman shared an insight into how this song originated. Further, he is the son and nephew of the Sherman Brothers, who are the creators of the original song.

Here we come to know the situations during the time smallpox was prevalent. Moreover, this is also similar to the novel pandemic happening right now. The same way the polio was invented along with it this beautiful song. Yes, that’s right, the song was influenced by his son’s vaccination. Let’s get to know the whole story as explained by Jeffery Sherman.

Jeffery said that while the movie production process was happening, Julie Andrews, the lead actress was not pleased with one song. This was “Through the Eyes of Love”. However, that day his father came home early. Jeffery returned from school after his vaccination. His father on seeing him inquired about the vaccine and asked him if it hurt. To this, he responded saying,  ‘No. They dropped the medicine in a sugar cube and you just ate it.’

He went on and said “Dad stared at me a long time, and then said, ‘thank you,’ and went to the phone to call my uncle. The next day they wrote, ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ (helps the medicine go down).”

This very delightful story was a pleasure to read for many as we know we hear many songs over the course of life. However, among these very few remain in our memory forever. Mary Poppins A Spoonful of Sugar is one such song and to know about its back story is a great pleasure. Moreover, he mentioned that the current covid-19 vaccine inspired him to tell this story to the people.

He concluded the post by saying “I just want to do what I can to instil that we all are in this together, that we must trust scientists, immunologists and doctors to lead us through this dark time. I thought by posting what I did about that song and its background regarding the polio vaccine, I might change a few minds.”

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