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Marvel’s Black Widow Finally Has A Release Date!

The Scarlett Johannsson-starrer movie is set to release this year.

When we talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one cannot help but mention Black Widow, which happens to be a key part in the whole series. This isn’t the only reason why everyone is looking forward to the release of the film. In a world dominated by male super-hero films, Black Widow is looked upon as a strong representation of women empowerment. Our beloved character, Natasha Romanoff – played by Scarlett Johannsson – ended up facing a sad demise in the last Avengers movie. The fans were under the impression that this might be the point wherein one would have to say goodbye to Natasha. However, that is not the case. A standalone Black Widow film was very much in the making, even when Avengers released.

The movie was scheduled to release in April. However, due to the current Coronavirus situation, they have had to face a delay. Nonetheless, Marvel has decided to release the film on November 6, 2020 indefinitely.

Black Widow Release Date

While the worldwide release is expected to take place on November 6, 2020, the producers of the movie are planning on releasing the film a week earlier in UK. As can be recalled, the original release date of the movie in UK and US was expected to be some time in May but the Coronavirus pandemic has ended up causing an indefinite delay in the release of a lot of movies. Disney – in a statement to Digital Spy – confirmed that they are planning on releasing the movie a week earlier in UK, i.e. October, 28, 2020.

Black Widow Sneak Peek

What might be considered a sigh of relief for most fans, is the different sneak peeks that Marvel along with Disney has been able to release. It is through the trailer and little snippets from the movie, that we are able to realise that the film will essentially revolve around Natasha and her time training the agents.

The very first trailer that initially released features a montage of Natasha starring into a mirror. The voice-over states, “I used to have nothing. But then I got this job. This family. But nothing lasts forever.” Needless to say, this line in itself, has ended up setting up the theme of what is to come.

It is through the trailer that we are also able to understand that William Hurt will be returning as Thaddeus Ross or famously known as ‘Thunderbolt’ in the film. Natasha will also be seen tackling a new breed of assassins. Several reports have even stated that the movie will primarily revolve around the mistakes that the Black Widow committed before actually joining S.H.I.E.L.D.

Black Widow Cast Members

It goes without saying that the cast of Black Widow is filled with all the A-list actors. Besides Scarlett, we also have the following actors joining the team behind Black Widow:

  • Rachel Weisz will be playing the Russian spy, Melina
  • Florence Pugh is expected to play the role of Yelena
  • David Harbour, who was previously seen is Stranger Things, is also a part of the movie

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