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Mandalorians, What are their culture, gears and combat styles?


Mandalorians are fictional characters related to the Star Wars Franchise. They live on a planet named Mandalore. They were first known as “super commandos” in The Empire Strikes Back. Mandalorians are not alien species but a different Species of Human people from Mandalore and other nearby worlds.

They were seen as feared warriors that became bounty hunters. Mandalorians are known to ride Mythosaurs, which is known because of the symbol of the image of its skull. They are multiple species bound together by a common culture and creed. In the galactic history,  they are known as warriors against the Jedi.

Mandalorians Culture

Mandalorians are the most feared warriors in the galaxy and as prideful warriors, they put combat as one of the important things that build their culture. They lived by one code which could be invoked to settle fights with one vs one fight and would end by the defeat of one opponent. However, as Mandalorians only go for single combat simply for the honor of fighting a great opponent, such as a Jedi Knight, and even used it to settle the fight between leaders.

Gears And Combat Style

Mandalorians Armor has a reputation that is feared across the galaxy. It looks attractive visually and with patterns like a honeycomb. Their armor is made of Beskar, a metal that is completely resistant to damage and can be molded to be made as armor. Mandalorian warriors have anti-Jedi tools such as jetpacks, magnetized boots, tactical displays, and armed gauntlets, and all the weaponry that can be used against Jedi.

The dark saber was a feared weapon that slew many Jedi. Mandalorian Warriors had advanced combat training from many wars. After their conflicts with Jedi they learner their signature combat style. It wasn’t long until constant wars and restless conquests destroyed Mandalore. The planet was devastated and the surface turned out to be the lifeless, white desert. As a result of their destroyed home, they majorly focussed on reconstruction and that occupied the warriors for a time.

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