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Man aged 71 died of bacterial infection after eating raw oysters

According to the reports from Florida Department of Health, an old man of 71 years died on July 10 after he dined on inappropriate oyster at a Sarasota restaurant in Florida. The officials believe that the death was caused by an illness and that the illness was caused by Vibrio Vulnificus. It is a type of a bacterium that gets into the human system when they eat raw shellfish especially oysters or when they expose their unhealed wounds to ocean water. A spokesman from the Florida Department of Health said that the old man had implicit medical conditions and the name of the restaurant where he had taken those oysters have not been exposed.

The reports suggest that the old man died two days after he consumed the tainted oyster. According to the reports, being labeled as a flesh-eating bacteria, the bacterium Vibrio Vulnificus cannot eat the healthy skin. The infections from Vibrio Vulnificus are found rarely, as stated by the Florida Department of Health. The infections can be however dangerous for people who have weaker immune systems. The bacterium generally develops and grows in warm and brackish sea water.

People who have a weaker immune system are at a higher risk of getting the infection and the officials recommend to cover the exposed wounds while walking on the beach to prevent getting cuts and scrapes. Some of the symptoms of Vibrio vulnificus bacterial infection include nausea, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, increased pulse rate, fast breathing, excessive wound infections and infections in the intestine.

This is the first death case reported from Vibrio Vulnificus in Sarasota this year and there have been no reports filed last year in the county. Palm Beach County has reported one case till date this year and one from the last year and had three cases in 2016 with one death report. Broward County had reported one death case last year of the infection and a fatality back in 2016, as stated on the health department website.

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