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Mama June: After getting clean from drugs, what she is doing in this epidemic?

mama June

Mama June is an American reality star who is best recognized for her character on the We TV show- ‘From Not to Hot’, is the lady of the Shannon family, her glow up spoken a lot in recent time, where her weight loss mission was the motivation for the reality TV show Mama June: from not to Hot and made the audience into grate surprise. Mama June’s net worth is calculated around 1.5 million dollars, as Mama received it through her appearance in the series Mama June. Mama received popularity from her four daughters and young beauty pageant contestant Honey Boo Boo on various reality shows. 

Mama is a mother of four daughters, where after her arrest for drug addiction, her last child Alana was given to her elder daughter Lauryn because the other three daughters are independent and adult. 

How Mama June spent her childhood and why she got arrested?

Mama June was born on 10th august 1979 in Mcintyre, Georgia to the couple Sandra and Marvin Shannon. Mama June is legally blind due to ill-treatment she received when she was 8 years old. At the age of 14, Mama got pregnant with the first child and cheered Anna to the world after celebrating Mama’s 15th birthday. 


Mama got her general education development after dropping her schooling because she was pregnant. Mama spoiled herself at a very young age, where she engaged with men; who would rather be turned out to sex offenders. As an adult, she weighed 460 pounds and faced the disease Obesity then subsequently underwent Bariatric surgery and dietary which resulted in 2016 lost more than 300 pounds. 

Besides, Mama did cosmetic surgery spending around 75000 dollars to improve further. In march 2019; She and her boyfriend Edward got arrested for consuming drugs, methamphetamine addiction where she spent about 2500 dollars on the drugs and was convicted for possession of controlled substances. Then got bailed and was made herself clean from drugs as her daughters left her for this reason; Mama went to rehab and made herself clean. Mama June: From Not to Hot tells about her journey of her transformation from being 420 pounds to 120 pounds, which aired on We TV on 24th February 2017 and is still going on where the fourth season premiered this year 2020.

What Mama June is doing currently in this quarantine?

Mama June is currently living with her new boyfriend Eugene Edward who is known as Geno Doak in Florida and spending the quarantine with him. During this quarantine, Mama is being so active on Instagram and posting her workout clips regarding her Weight loss journey. Mama June is clean and taking therapy to help her overcome drug addiction completely and maintaining her mental health at the same time. 

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