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Making A Murderer: Season 3 exists or not

Netflix released the first part of the series on 18th December 2015, and it took almost three years for the launch of Season 2. Making A Murderer is written and directed by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos which is real crime American documentary. Documentaries have always been a field of interest for all as they help in relating real-life stories. Secondly, through real-life stories, people come to know about all the aspects and twists & turns on the way to justice. At first, it was well criticized throughout the season, as it is one of the most uncompromising shows released on Netflix. This show is about a man named Steve Avery, who is a DNA exporter to unfold the corruption in and of a law imposing agencies, but on the way, he got stuck in a crime. This was followed by its next season released on 20th October 2018.

With or Without it:

Until now, there is no confirmed news about the release and making of Making A Murderer: Season 3 as there is not much of the story left but the viewers are excited and expect to see a new season. This entire conclusion is on the basis on an interview of the producers in which they said there might be a season 3.

Original Cast:

From Season 1 and 2

  • Steven AveryBranden Dassey
  • Dolores Avery
  • Laura Nirider
  • Ken Kratz
  • Kathereen Zellner

Unfolded Plot:

Season 1 throws light on Avery and Dassey’s fortune against the crime, whether they are guilty or not? Whole plot orbits around a man found guilty of murder and sexual assault of Penny Beernsten for which he spent 18 years in jail. In 2005, he got out of jail as all the charges against him were proved wrong. After this, he again ended up in jail for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Season 2, showcases that both of them were put behind bars in 2007 and this scenario affected their families in the long run. However, there was a time when it seems like both are going to get out of this case. This whole dream of them was shattered to pieces by Wisconsin state filed a set of emergency documents against them to avoid the release.

Steve Avery has not left the hope as his lawyers are working throughout the scene to find a single clue which can save him from all this and can turn the direction of the wind into their direction, but still future is unpredictable. In other word it can be said, they are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

As maximum aspects of the case are covered in previous seasons, so in the upcoming season of the show interviews of family members, law personnel and other related people are expected. It is still volatile that is there a new season or not and if yes, then how much time it will take to reach screens.

Till then hold your breath and keep in touch for the news on new season

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