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Major Benefits Of Innovative Furniture In Office

Innovating office furniture is the most crucial part of the office innovation, which depends upon many factors of the office environment and surroundings. These could be anything from the structure of the office (whether it is cubicle or in any other shape) to its size and capacity.

The innovation of the office furniture brings glory, happiness and positive vibes in the work surroundings. It increases the productivity of the employees; and affects the working of the individuals in the office, positively. Hence, it is beneficial as well as important to enhance the aesthetics of one’s office – furniture is one of the crucial areas.

State-of-art furniture has been known to not only beautify the office but also add to employee’s productivity.

Let us refer to some examples to see how this works.

  • Power Lifting Stand Desk – This desk by VersaDesk can be your new office best friend! It is designed to adjust according to your preferred height and provide you with a comfortable and fully customizable electric workspace. As you can see in the link, it is uber-cool to look at as well!


  1. Stand-Up Desk– This desk has a superior workspace with Ergonomic controls of height adjustments. It can also be customized according to the desired height of an individual.


  1. Exact Height, Adjusted 50” – This desk has a power push-button for height adjustments to reduce the body pain and improve the productivity and efficiency of the worker.


  1. Vibrant Colours– This desk is available in a variety of colors like grey and classy black matrix, white gloss and maple woodgrain for executives and industrial purposes in online stock


  1. Escalates working efficiency of the worker.
  2. This desk avoids the stress and the person could work freely.
  3. This desk could be used to maintain the requirement of worker’s height.
  4. This desk can lift 35 kg of equipment.


  • Seated Desk Cycle – Yet another wonder by VersaDesk, the seated desk cycle does not let you compromise on your fitness because your work is not allowing you any ‘me-time.’ It is a slim and foldable workspace, which lets you peddle in peace, as you go about clocking in those productive work hours.


  1. Comfortable seat – This desk is comfortable with padded seat and back support so that may work for longer duration comfortably. It will not only enhance the ambiance but would also increase the number of satisfied and content workers who find their leisure space interactive


  1. Seat Pedal- The use of old items of equipment by the office workers will result in making them lazy and inattentive towards his work. He would lose his interests in working. The adjustable pedal straps of this desk help them in making them attentive and active during working hours by moving feet forward and backward and to keep it in a fix position.


  1. Accessible for Storage- Slim and double over design allows the seat for easy storage and keeps the things safe. It has the ability to provide space for keeping and removing them effortlessly when required, in case we want to sit or move around. The desk can be fitted at any space which is easily accessible and light to carry anywhere. It is strong and long-lasting made of fine material.


  1. Stress Management- The working lifestyle of the management will affect the working of the company which could result in complexity, anxiety or depression in the workers to each other. The Seated Desk Cycle has the magnetic manual control for removal of depression and stress will result in the progression of movement of the workers, their good health conditions and relations within the management.



  1. The desk cycle keeps the body fit and helps in regular exercise to restore health.
  2. This desk keeps on burning calories while working to maintain health and avoid obesity.
  3. Built-in-mode display keeps the track record of time, distance and speed for health alert.
  4. The seated desk includes the pedal cycle to use without disturbing others.
  5. The desk contains adjustment of tension monitor for the intensity of the workout.

Overall, there are many trends to innovate the office furniture such as the desk cycle and standing desk that deliver many health and fitness benefits to your employees, and increase their efficiency at the same time. Also, for our readers, we have exclusive 10% discount code CAKE10VSD. You can use it at the time of the checkout to get the discount.

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