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Mahershala Ali will take the mantle of the next Blade

The 2019 edition of the San Diego Comic-Con was epic. Fans of the distinctive franchise got to take a sneak peek of their latest offering and what the future holds for Hollywood. However, among all of the top offerings, Marvel Studio and Marvel Cinematic Universe did showcase the future of MCU.

One of the most exciting parts of Marvel’s Comic-Con panel was that Marvel did save something better till the very end. Just before wrapping up the panel Marvel did call forward its new Daywalker, Mahershala Ali. For the fans of the two-time Academy Award winner, the revelation was great news.

Mahershala Ali is the Daywalker aka Blade

During the early stage of Marvel Studios, much before the MCU came into being, Marvel had Wesley Snipes as the Daywalker. It is worthy to note that whatever Marvel did manage to accomplish over time began from the first Blade flick.

The Blade Trilogy was the stepping stone for Marvel as Blade is a B-lister superhero. A B-lister superhero is not cut out to be famous like Iron-Man or Batman, but they are still famous. Marvel is finally trying to shape the future of the MCU with Phase 4, and that is why there will be some new superheroes.

Will Wesley Snipes give the mantle to Mahershala Ali to star in Blade?

It is unclear whether there will be a cameo for the original Blade. On the other hand, Kevin Feige also didn’t reveal what would happen in the Blade movie. By the look of it, Marvel finally moved on from Wesley Snipes as the Daywalker and chose Ali as Blade.

Beforehand, Marvel also had plans to bring Wesley Snipes as Blade, but it did not happen. On the other hand, Mahershala Ali is not going to disappoint as Blade either. Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Blade would hit theatres in the year 2022.

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