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Mahershala Ali to star as Jack Johnson in an upcoming series

According to the report, Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali will play the role of the legendary boxer, Jack Johnson, for an upcoming series Unruly. This is a six-episode limited series that is developed by HBO. There are various reports which suggest that this upcoming series will be based on the PBS documentary titled “Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson,” and it is inspired by a book which is written by Geoffrey C. Ward.

HBO upcoming series Unruly has been helmed and produced by Ken Burns, and Dominique Morisseau will be the writer and executive producer. The latest series will demonstrate how the boxing legend, Jack Johnson, has risen to fame in boxing history.

In the series Unruly, we will witness the life of the first black heavyweight boxing champion, Jack Johnson. We will get to see the sacrifices he made and the hard work he did to get to this prestigious position. It marks and leaves behind the blueprint for the blacks for the generations to come.

It is also rumored that HBO was planning to develop this series in 2013, and Beau Willimon was brought on board to write the series.  Jackson was nicknamed as Galveston Giant, and he became the very first African American world heavyweight boxing champion 1908-1915 against James J. Jeffries.

It is Mahershala Ali, Amatus Karim Ali, and Mimi Valdes’s second HBO production as their first project was We Have a Dream: The Kids of the Oakland MLK Oratorical Fest which was directed by Amy Schatz.

However, the Angels and Demons actor Tom Hanks will be an executive producer for this series. Green Book actor Mahershala Ali who is best known for winning two Supporting Actor awards at the Oscars, has mentioned many times over the past couple of years that he always wanted to play his ”dream role” of legendary boxer, Jack Johnson, on the big screen.

In 2000, he depicted the Athlete as one of his first professional performers in “The Great White Hope.” Mahershala Ali, who was featured as the supporting roles in the two most noteworthy film, Moonlight and Green Book, is also executive producing Unruly via his production company Know Wonder along with his beautiful wife Amatus Karim Ali and their producing partner Mimi Valdés. While fans and followers of the recipient of the various accolades, Ali are eagerly waiting for his upcoming series titled Unruly with many expectations.

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