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Mad Men Season 8 : everything you need to know

Mad Men release date, plot, cast and trailer

Mad Men Season 8: The spectacular American drama series had won people’s hearts with its impeccable story and cast. It had received numerous awards and positive reviews from the critics. The show is a historical drama. It presents a clear picture of the ’60s and has something in each of its episodes that catches our attention.

The show was premiered between 2007 to 2015. It released 7 seasons and 92 episodes. Matthew Weiner is the creator of the television series and it is produced by Lionsgate Television. The writing, directing, acting, style, and authenticity of the series were praised.


Madmen is a show surrounding the lives of people working in a reputed ad agency called the Sterling Cooper. The protagonist of the show is Don Draper who is a talented, good looking person but is also coy. He works as a creative writer in the agency. While the show not only revolved around the professional life of the characters. It also gave us an insight into their personal lives. Don’s wife Betty also plays an important role. She is portrayed as a typical housewife of mid-century.

Don’s life to the outsiders is a matter of envy or jealousy but when you have a closer look, it is not as pretty as it seems. He is unsatisfied with his marriage which is proved by his involvement with other women. He has had an unhappy childhood but his self-confidence hides his insecurities deep within. This also affects his personal life. The show continues by showing the intermingling of love life and professional life of the workers. The series has also been criticized for its sexist approach towards women.

The show ends with the characters starting a new life and the last scene shows the protagonist meditating on a hilltop and the show ends with the coca-cola ad which left the viewers to interpret whether Don created the ad or not.

Cast and Characters

The main cast includes Jon Hamm as Don Draper, Christina Hendricks as Joan , January Jones as Betty, Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson, John Slattery as Roger sterling, Vincent Kartheiser as Pete, Kiernan Shipka as Sally Draper and  Jessica Pare as Megan.

Mad Men season 8?

The last season of Mad Men was aired in 2015 and after 5 years, fans are still contemplating a new season. Although there has been no news about a renewal. But at the same time, there is no news regarding the cancellation of the series. We can always expect a comeback but not any time soon.



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