Luka Magnotta, Murderer of the Decade Seems to Enjoy his Imprisonment

Nobody could forget the death of Jun Lin, a Chinese man from Wuhan and also an international student at the University of Concordia in Montreal, Canada. The story of death or rather say the murder of Jun Lin could send shivers down your spine. His murderer, Luka Rocco Magnotta whose real name is Eric Clinton Kirk was the one who after brutally murdering him mailed his hands and feet to elementary schools and federal political party offices.

He Married another Murderer:

Back in 2012, he was the one who had filmed a video killing and eating the body parts of one of his friends named Jun Lin. He was also a reported porn star. No sooner did the video surface, there was a great disturbance in the entire of Canada. In 2015, he joined a dating site, after which he came across and fell for armed robber Anthony Jolin who is also serving a sentence for killing a friend in Shower. On June 26, 2017, they were reported being married to each other.

The Charge of First Degree Murder was Taken Back:

If you are wondering whether he is still alive and not punished for his cruel deeds, then let me tell you, he was firstly charged with first-degree murder but later the jury in just 8 days took the decision back stating that he was schizophrenic. But this did not refrain him from being punished for his inhuman deeds, he is currently serving his life sentence and it was during these years that he found love in another murderer and married him.

His Mother Writes his Biography:

For your information, he was also an online animal abuser besides being a gay murderer. His mother Anna Yourkin wrote a book titled, My Son, the Killer: The Untold Story of Luka Magnotta and “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick “. It seems that Luka Magnotta is enjoying his years in Jail and leading a comfortable life.