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Lowes’ Hours: What are the new hours at Lowes during the pandemic?

One of the most well-known chains of supermarkets and that of grocery stores is Lowes. Since the inception of the pandemic and the growing outbreak in the US, grocery stores in accordance with the security laws have set up new timings for the store. This is to give the requisite time for cleaning and sanitization in order to keep up with the safety procedures. The timings for Lowes’ was announced on Lowes Foods’ official Twitter account.

What are the new timings for Lowes Food?

According to the announcement on the official Twitter account, the Lowes’ Food store will open at 7 AM in the morning. The stores will be closed by 10 PM in night. The change in the timings is due to the growing casualties of the coronavirus pandemic.

It has been observed that the panic buying at the grocery stores with people lined up to get hold of necessary products for self-isolation required drastic steps on behalf of the stores. To contain the situation, and to help out the people in a regularised manner, the changes have been implemented.

Before the advent of the global pandemic, Lowes’ hours were 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. which used to frequently extend till midnight. The reduction in the shopping hours is done to accommodate and handle additional cleaning and stocking of shelves.

Also, Lowes has assigned a special shopping hour for seniors and the customers who are quite vulnerable from 7-8 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

As per the reports, Lowes’ is also making it a point to hire extra staff in order to run the stores efficiently during the pandemic. This is also done to target the hospitality employees who have lost their jobs owing to the job cut during covid-19.

The CEO of the company Marvin R. Ellison remarks that he is grateful to the helping staff to keep things sorted during the pandemic. “Throughout the spring, summer and now into fall, our front-line associates have shown remarkable resilience and dedication to our communities in the most trying times we have faced together,” Marvin R. Ellison said.

Lowes is now handing out bonuses to the full-time and part-time hourly employees who have worked in a ‘frontline capacity’ at the stores. As per the reports, full-time workers will receive $300. Part-time workers of the store along with the seasonal workers will recieve a sum of $150.

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