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Love Island Australia: Coming up with season 3,

Love Island is a hit show worldwide. Love Island UK is where the show originated from. Love Island Australia is an Australian dating reality show based on the international Love Island franchise. Sophie Monk is the presenter of the show and Eoghan is the narrated. Nine Network is the channel where this show is aired. Season 1 aired in 2018 and season 2 in 2019. Now there is an official announcement that the show will return for season 3 in 2021. For season 3 villa is being made on Gold Cost.

Love Island Australia Format –

  • The show features islanders a group of single contestants. They live in a specially constructed villa that is isolated from the outside world. The main purpose is to find love. The age bar is between 19-32 years.
  • Islanders are continuously monitored as long as they stay in the house. Islanders are allowed to use phones so that producer alerting them of upcoming dates and activities and can message them.
  • To avoid being dumped from the villa the contestant’s couple up throughout the series. It can be for money, love, friendship, or survival. During their stay, contestants are forced to re-couple. The contestant can choose to remain in their current couple or swap and change. After the coupling, if any contestant is found single then eliminated from the show.
  • People of Australia can vote for their favorite islanders so that they can stay in the villa. When old islanders leave the show new islanders enter the villa.
  • At the end of the season, one last voting is done to determine the winning couple.
  • The winning couple receives $50,000.

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Love Island Australia Season 3 who all can be seen –

The audience can expect to see another 10 islanders enter the villa. But who are those 10 islanders, will be difficult to say right now. Speculations are there that host Sophie Monk and commentator Eoghan McDermott will back as host for season 3. Nothing can be confirmed as yet.


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