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Love Island Australia: Do the islanders really find their perfect partner?

In the era of online dating and finding partner via social media, there are many reality shows which are coming forward to do the same. Living together under the same roof, coming from completely unknown links; youth are busy finding the ideal partners. Such a reality show that gained lots of love and popularity is Love Island Australia. It is a reality show based in Australia meant for dating. It follows the franchise of international Love Island. The show is presented to the audience by Sophie Monk.

Love Island Australia following the procedures of Love Island features a group of contestants who are single and are called the ‘islanders’. They are made to live together in a villa which is far and far away from the outside world. The contestants come in the quest of finding love.

What is the format of the show?

The contestants who come to the show are called the islanders. They are kept under continuous surveillance. There are many live cameras in the villa and each contestant has a personal microphone with them. Throughout the show, contestants are to couple up in order to avoid being thrown out of the villa. The islanders need to couple up with another, it can be for love, survival, or friendship.

On the very initial day, islanders couple up on the basis of their first impression. With times, they are allowed to change their partners if they feel the need to do so. Contestants can re-couple with proper strategies if not for love but for staying in the show. Normally, islanders swap partners according to their convenience as a deal to stay in the game.

If an islander fails to make a bond with any of them and remains single then he/she gets eliminated. Also, the audience of Australia is given chance to vote for their favorite islanders and help him/her stay in the series. When the old islanders leave, the new are added. And by this till the final week, some couples stay. Then by votes and other tasks, the winner is made. The winning amount of Love Island Australia is 50,000.

The setting of the villas

In the first season, the Islanders were made to stay in a villa that was located in Mallorca, Spain. The villa consists of an open-plan living, with a large bedroom in it to let the Islanders sleep. There are day beds outside of it for the un-coupled partners if they choose to sleep together. It also includes a hideaway bedroom for the couples who wish to spend the night away from the other islanders as a reward. The villa has a pool, a hot tub for islanders. Each and every movement of the islanders was captured by the 65 cameras present and 55 audio microphones. The second season of the show was shot in location Fiji.

Who were the winners of the show?

The winners of the first season were Grant Crapp & Tayla Damir. And as of now their relationship status is split. In the second season, Anna McEvoy & Josh Packham won the show. They are still together after the show.

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