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Love Alarm season 2 : Here is everything which you need to know

Love Alarm Season 2

Love Alarm Season 2: Covid-19 has changed the whole world. In every space of life, the effect could be seen. Many upcoming movies, television, and web series are badly affected. The makers are left with only one choice of pushing the date of release to a future date. In most cases, production is at a halt.

The audience has been eagerly waiting for the release of the South Koren drama series Love Alarm season 2. The first season was released in August 2019, and in the same year, October, it was announced by Netflix that the season had been renewed for the next season. The first season was a commercial success, and it was one of the top releases of Netflix for the year 2019. 

Release date of Love Alarm season 2

The season was supposed to release in August 2020 on Netflix, but due to the current situation, the season will not release this year. The release has been pushed for next year. Till now, no official announced has been by Netflix. 

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Cast of Love Alarm season 2

Earlier this year, the cast reunited for a script read of season 2. The major characters of the season will be seen in season 2 as well. Kim So-Hyun will be again seen as Kim Jo-jo, Song Kang as Hwang Sun-oh, and Jung Ga-ram as Lee Hye-Yeong.

The creators of the series have announced that the production of the series has already begun last year. As per sources, the production was almost completed before the global situation become worst. Now only the post-production work is left. 

Season 2 will continue from the end of season 1. The friendship between Hwang Sun-oh and Lee Hye-Yeong will be tested, and their equation with Kim Jo-jo will also be shown.

A story brief

Disruptive technology that allows users to discover love via an app is shown in the series. If anybody uses the app, then the app would show within a 10-meter radius which is having a romantic feeling for the person using the app. Since the app sync with the person’s hearts, it is impossible to hide feelings.

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