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Lost in Random gameplay revealed by EA, watch the trailer here

Electronic Arts is producing the next-gen game which it has titled as Lost in Random. The new EA Original game promises an upgradation in the gameplay which has a spiritual touch to its sports themed gameplay. The game is being developed by Zoink Games, which is also known for its EA Original title, Fe which was released in 2018.

Lost in Random has an aura of Tim Burton’s works. Tim Burton is a very well known American filmmaker, who is known for producing movies with a “gothic suburbic” style. Some of the famous movies by Tim Burton are Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas. EA original game Lost in Random has similar graphics that reminisces Tim Burton’s dark fantasy world.

Gameplay of Lost in Random

The premise of Lost in Random is quite unusual. The players will assume the role of Even, a girl in the dark fantasy world which is known as Random ( similar to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas). It is a stop motion-inspired land and here you decide your with the outcome of the dice you roll. The sidekick Dicey is the companion of Even. The dice will decide your fate, you will “embrace chaos” in order to roll the dice in your favor.

Is the trailer available?

Electronic Arts released the trailer on June 19, 2020. The graphics introduces you to the Tim Burton-esque styled gameplay in the game Lost in Random.

Watch the trailer here.

EA and Zoink had worked together on Fe, and now they’re coming together for the next game, i.e., Lost in Random.

Lost in Random will release in 2021 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam. As of the now, the premiere date has not been set by Electronic Arts. It is a third person action adventure game with the dark and fantasy laden vibes. The game is “set in a beautifully dark and vivid world” where players defeat enemies and solve puzzles to decide what the fate has in store for them. And, with the role of a dice you will strive with your sidekick Dicey to rescue an oppressed populace in the fantastical world of Random.


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