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Lonzo’s Baby Mama Denise Seems to have a Sleepover?

Denise Reann Garcia (born April 14, 1996) – an American ex-soccer player who played for the UC Riverside Highlanders and Seattle Redhawks.

Are Both Back Again?

The off-again, on-again relation is back ON again, the pair approved on the latest episode of “Ball in the Family.” Their bond has been one of the principal focuses during the universality of the show, which now is in its season 6.

This show lighted by displaying their relation in the early years of Ball’s time in the NBA stretching through the birth of their daughter Zoey.

They also have shown the more turbulent times, including a recent break-up that was the most disordered of any of them.

Nevertheless, as the two confirmed on the newest episode of – Ball in the Family, they’ve been working in private at reforming fences and going back together.

What Either of them Spoke On Getting Back in Track?

Both talked about getting back together again this time on the episode:
“I think time, for one, and being more mature about the stuff that went on within us. I think over time, you always learn to forgive people and see the other side of things and I think that’s what we have both done. We are going to try to make it work again.”

Lonzo is smack dab amid his offseason and is keeping a lot busy with the ladies.


We spotted Lonzo Ball out and about with a new girlfriend in LA, the two were spotted at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Los Angels.

Now only a few weeks later, Lonzo Ball is staying busy with another woman. This one he’s happens to be quite familiar with.

Denise Garcia was spotted at Lonzo’s residence on a weekend, and by the appearances of things, she looked pretty comfortable at Zo’s crib. And also Garcia took a pic in his bathtub, which we know is Zo’s bathtub because he showed it off before itself.

Whatever Zo is been up to with the different ladies in his life, it seems to have worked on his ex. Nothing says that we still have feelings like a sleepover. These two will probably always be yo-yoing ever.

Lonzo and Garcia share a child. Good to see them maturing and finding a way to stay together. Let us wait and watch what happens when Lonzo Ball gets to go back on the road again.


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