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Locke and Key Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More!

Locke and Key Season 2 is officially happening!

It is too long a time for the fans to anticipate what will happen next in the second season of Locke and Key. The creators of the show have promised the best of horror that they can create with the second instalment. The series, as can be recalled, was adapted on the basis of the comic-series that goes by the same name. The creators were Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodrigues and little did they know that they will be able to create a series so entertaining that Netflix wouldn’t even hesitate before renewing it.

Locke and Key Season 2 Release Date

While it was made official long back that a second season to Locke and Key would be in the making, however, due to the unprecedented times, it has faced an unexpected delay over the Coronavirus situation. The creators of the show confirmed the second season in March earlier this year. While the creators of the show were able to announce the second season, they weren’t able to provide any specific release date for the same. At the same time, if rumours are believed to be true, it seems like the second season might be returning in Spring, 2021.

Producer of Locke and Key Season 2 in a recent press statement said, “in the middle of writing season 2, so we’re optimistic and hopeful that we’re gonna get a chance to make season 2, We very much know what it is because Meredith [Averill, executive producer] and I are in the middle of overseeing the writers’ room and we’re working on that right now.”

Locke and Key Season 2: What To Expect Next?

As mentioned previously, Netflix has not yet released any official confirmations regarding the release date of the second season and neither have they given out any word about the cast members, expected to return with the show. However, it is safe to assume that the main cast will definitely be returning. We can confirm that the following actors are expected to return:

  • Darby Stanchfield
  • Connor Jessup
  • Emilia Jones
  • Jackson Robert Scott
  • Laysla De Oliveira
  • Felix Mallard
  • Griffin Gluck

Furthermore, it is also expected that the story will be picking up from exactly where they left off in the first season. In the previous season, it can be noted that The Locke were successful at outsmarting demons that included Dodge, Lucas as well as Gabe. The Locke family has to deal with a lot of things, including the situation wherein they have been tricked by the demon into throwing Ellie into the void. It also seems like Eden might fall into trouble when it comes to battling out the demon.

In addition to this, we are also expecting the second season to reveal a lot more secrets and new demons. The creators of the show are open to experimenting with the story line of the show, as is evident through their recent statement to the press.

Hill and Rodrigues stated, “It has to work as a TV show. It has to succeed in the possibilities and limitations of its own particular form. While we worked on the comic, we were always eager to make it successful as a comic. The cast and crew of the show will be making something that would succeed on its own terms as a TV show.”

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