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Little Women LA up for a return with one more season,

Little Women LA

Little Women LA is an American television show that runs on the A&E-owned Lifetime Channel. As the name suggests, the show basically follows the lives of “Small Ladies” or ladies who are affected by dwarfism and are striving to live their best lives.

Season 1 of “Small Women: LA” debuted on May 27, 2014, and has screened an amazing eight more seasons since then! Over the years, it has established a large and dedicated fan base excited to hear whether or not this drama-filled series is going to return for season 9. Check out all the juicy information of a potential revival of the season, and all you need to know about all this reality show in this post!

More information about Little women:

Every season of the show refers to a specific part of the relationship between the stars. It’s not just fun and games for them, so they have to handle their families, their jobs, their parenting, their responsibilities, and their intimate relationships. While some of the stars are continuing to cultivate their spirit of discovery, another is focused on their career while another is concentrating on their parenting. Each season of the show focuses on every part of their adult life.

The show has got a lot of feedback for its way of building visibility. Most agree that it is not right to make a display of people’s lives to entertain the hope of raising visibility. It doesn’t appear to be the right way to go about it, with all honesty. Some may even say how rude this is. It has an average IMDb ranking of 5.7 out of 10; making it a pretty mediocre series based on its reviews, but it sure has a huge fan base that has taken this through 8 seasons so far in the last six years!

What will happen in Little Women LA Season 9, What to Expect from the Season?

This reality TV show is centered in Los Angeles, California, and explores the story of a group of women afflicted by dwarfism. These women may have tiny bodies, but they definitely have huge personalities, and the series shows us how they navigate their careers, their friendships, their marriages, and the men in their lives. No wonder, there is some suspense involved here, keeping the viewers glued to the screen!

The conflict aside, ‘Little Women: LA,’ along with her niece, shows ‘Little Women: Terra’s Little Family,’ ‘Little Women: NY,’ ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ and ‘Little Women: Dallas’ trying to eradicate the stereotype of dwarfism in society. It is a normal tendency for those living from this illness to be continually mocked on the condition that they have little control over. This show helps increase consciousness and normalize the disease! The show is also seeking to inspire women.

The program includes the lives of 6 women who all play on their own as a reality show. The series has begun with:

  • Terra Jole
  • Tonya Banks
  • Elena Gant
  • Christy McGinity Gibel
  • Briana Manson
  • Traci Harrison Tsou

However, after the second season, Traci and Briana quit after the sixth. In the third season, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge joined the entire characters and has been part of the series ever since. Brittney Guzman also entered the third season, but left after only one season and returned as a guest. Besides these ladies, there have also been several guest stars.

Season 8 of Little Women; LA launched on April 4, 2019, and lasted several months. As for Season 9 of the program, there has so far been no official news of the same. But it’s a pretty good bet to believe that this steady display is coming back for another season soon! It is supposed to be premiered in April 2020, but so far there are no changes or precise dates. Continue to watch this page to update to almost the same page!

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