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Link’s Awakening: The best Nintendo game for the game lovers

Link’s Awakening is an action-adventure game developed by Grezzo, and it is published by Nintendo for the famous, Nintendo Switch. This is one of the most addictive and interesting games which entertain the players. Apart from that, its graphics and visualization are too eye-catching which stick the player with it. Continue reading to know more about this game.

About the game

It is a remake of the 1993 game namely, the Game Boy. Link’s Awakening features a modern and retro art style and design, delightful visuals, and diorama-like world designs like the game Boy. Besides the interesting features, the game also encompasses customizable dungeons which a player can create on their own, and complete for certain rewards that are available in the game.

Link’s Awakening was released on 20 September 2020 and has sold over $4 million copies worldwide which make it one of the bestselling Nintendo switch game. The game has received positive reviews from players worldwide. It has been praised for its unique art style, impressive creative platform, and improved gameplay version. The criticism that the game had to face was about the technical errors.

The Language in Link’s Awakening

The supporting language that features in Link’s Awakening are Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Dutch, and Chinese.

Story of Link’s Awakening

It follows the event from the game, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, where Link is on a boat and suddenly a storm hits destroying everything and throwing Link to the waves. He found himself at the Koholint Island which is at Mt. Tamaranch. On the top of the mountain, there’s an egg that contains Wind Fish which Link must awaken to depart from the island and return to his home, finally. To do so, Link has to collect eight instruments of Siren which is available across the island.

Link's Awakening

How to play Link’s Awakening?

It is a single-player game. In this game, Link is equipped with his trusty sword to fight off his enemies. With the progression in the game, he finds other useful items to defeat his enemies which will provide Link with more hearts, and that will increase his health and allow him to survive longer and stronger in the game. This game features new mechanics that aren’t available in other Zelda games, for instance, Link can jump the gaps, and the camera in the game creates a 2D effect which also includes a cameo from Mario’s characters.

Link's Awakening

Where to buy Link’s Awakening?

The game is available on Amazon. Get your hands on Nintendo Switch’s best game out there!

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