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Lilo and Stitch toys coming with new exciting features added


Good news for the Lilo & Stitch fans! Playmates announced a new set of  Disney collectible with exciting features. We bring to you the details here.

Lilo & Stitch Overview

The lovable 626 is all back with exclusive interactive figures this time. The Stitch will be almost  6.5″ tall and will comprise of magic motion features with over 40 phrases and sounds. The figure will also feature a Stitch’s authentic voice in order to give a realistic feeling to its fans. Stitch is likely to contain some movable parts like eyes, head, and ears.

When is Stitch coming to the market?

 The Lilo and Stitch Interactive Stitch Figure from Playmates will be made available at Walgreen’s this October exclusively. The pack will be initially released in limited qualities and is set an MRP of $19.99. Although, we have no information if the set will be available online yet.

Playmates Toys invites Disney “Lilo and Stitch” fans to share their Aloha spirit this fall by bringing home the new Stitch Interactive Figure, the first animatronic Disney collectible of its kind.

 Stitch fans including old and new; children and Millennials alike are expected to be happy with this playmate. The playmate is solely designed to give the audiences some feels. Lastly, a word of caution is Stitch toys are designed for children above 4 years of age.

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